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Our Efficient Strawberry Growers Machinery will save you Money

High Lift Linkage Fork
This handy High Lift Attachment allows you to do many jobs with your Tractor
that you would normally need a Front end Loader or Fork Lift Mast for.

Budget Plastic Layer
Fumigates, Inserts Trickle Tape, Compacts and Presision Forms the Bed
while Laying Plastic Mulch

Strawberry Furrow Mower
Twin Deck Mower is P.T.O. driven and fully adjustable.
Designed for mowing the grass grown between plastic mulch beds.

Strawberry Hole Puncher
Punch evenly spaced holes in a fraction of the time normally taken.

Budget Plastic Mulch Lifter
Digs up Plastic mulch and Winds onto a Single Cone Roller
which is manually unloaded ready for disposal

Universal Hydraulic Roller
Suitable for Reflective Mulch, Green house covers etc.
Width fully adjustable from 1metre to 7.5 metres.
Unidirectional with sensitive drag control.
Unloadable with fork lifts.


The Tatura Engineering Water Wheel Planter is shown here planting tomatoes. The rotating wheel pierces the plastic and injects a measured quantity of water. The plants are positioned by the two operators.
The Water Wheel Planter can be adapted to a range of different species.

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